Marketing Downloads

You can place or insert images directly from the CD into programs such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign (you must use the place or insert command when using these programs, they cannot open the image).

If you want to resize or manipulate the image (i.e. change to CMYK or grayscale), it must be opened in an image or photo program (such as Photoshop). It works best if you open the program first and then use the file/open command and then open the specific image from the CD that you wish to work on.

Templates are available for you to create your own poster or flyer to promote your office, clinic, or balance center (see following examples). The templates are files that you can give to your graphic designer or agency to open, fill in your personalized company information, size as needed, and have printed.

The file can be opened in any Photo/Paint program such as PhotoShop or PhotoPaint or Corel Draw. The file will need to be placed into any document or layout program such as Quark or InDesign. It does work best if you open the file in Photoshop, for example, size it to what you want, keeping in mind the image size to resolution ratio aspect, then placing the saved image in your page layout program and typing in your company information.

If your designer has any questions regarding the use of these files please have them contact NeuroCom®, a division of Natus®, (503) 653-2144.

The following presentations are designed for patient, referral, administrator, and staff audiences. The templates provide a starting point to develop your own presentation for your specific audience. Please use the other presentations from the library as source material for your own original shows.

Press releases (PR) are the free arm of marketing that can generate much success for many facilities. The health section editor and/or health reporter from your local newspaper are often seeking story ideas and you can be the facility to provide them exactly what they need - interesting information about a growing concern in our healthcare system. Consider developing a relationship by sending regular press releases, inviting them to your next open house, or offering a free screening. You can pitch story ideas at any time and may even receive featured placement within the health section. By becoming their "balance and dizziness expert", any national balance-related incidents would prompt them to call you first for comment.

The following dowloadable press release examples include successful press releases and announcements developed by customers of NeuroCom®, a division of Natus® to promote their clinics and programs.

These two videos provide a view of NeuroCom Balance Systems technology we provide to assist you in helping your patients with balance and mobility problems. These videos are approximately seven minutes long and can be looped for continuous play.


User License Agreement for Using Natus Medical Incorporated Images

IMPORTANT: READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCEPTING THIS AGREEMENT WITH NATUS MEDICAL INCORPORATED FOR THE USE OF NEUROCOM CONTENT.  BY DOWNLOADING FILES YOU AGREE TO BE LEGALLY BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. If You do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, do not download any files. Natus Medical Incorporated hereby grants to You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to:

  • use each Image provided to You by Natus Medical for your own purposes or for your direct clients, but only as part of: advertising and promotional materials (including advertisements, brochures, books, company newsletters, company reports, film, packaging, presentations, television commercials, and videos);
  • online or other multimedia content (including online advertisements, streaming video, web broadcasts, and web page design); and any other uses approved in writing by Natus Medical, provided however that:
    1. whomever uses the Image is the end user of NeuroCom equipment.
    2. and Natus Medical Incorporated credit/reference is on or near the used item.

Correct reference: Natus Medical Incorporated, 1501 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070 USA. NeuroCom Balance Manager Systems or specific model name:  NeuroCom VSR, NeuroCom VSR SPORT, NeuroCom Basic Balance Master, NeuroCom Balance Master, NeuroCom SMART Balance Master, NeuroCom SMART EquiTest, NeuroCom Clinical Research System EquiTest, and NeuroCom inVision software.