The Balance Control System: Posture & Gaze

Good balance is not a matter of one system of the body flying solo. Rather it reflects the complex processes of distinct, but interdependent systems:

  1. The postural stabilization system keeps your body in balance while you stand and actively move about in daily life.
  2. The gaze stabilization system maintains clear vision during activities where you are actively moving your head and body.

balance-graphic-outTo understand how patients function in daily life requires an objective understanding of how the sensory and motor systems affect postural and gaze stability, information readily obtained from the Balance Manager.

The vast differences in patient performance explains why the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders have historically been such a challenge. Because NeuroCom understands that knowledge of a patient’s medical problem alone does not offer the data necessary to determine an effective course of treatment, we developed the Balance Manager systems to assist you in unraveling the mysteries of balance.

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